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For Commercial Toilets
Bold. Power.

After considering design, you'll want to explore which flushing technologies are available for the look you've chosen. Our high-performance toilets provide power, cleanliness and efficiency across a range of flushing technologies to suit individual needs and preferences.

Single-Flush Gravity Toilet
How does it work?

KOHLER® gravity technology uses the force of gravity and a precision-engineered tank, bowl and trapway to create a strong siphon during the flush, ensuring consistent performance.

Single-Flush Gravity

Why choose single-flush gravity-fed toilet?
  • Optimized bulk flushing and cleaning power
  • Excellent choice for residential and commercial spaces
  • Wide range of design, shape, color and installation options
  • 1.28-gallon models provide guaranteed water savings with every flush
Dual Flush Gravity Toilet
How does it work?

Dual Flush gravity-fed toilets rely on the force of gravity to achieve a powerful flush, much like single-flush gravity-fed toilets. The primary difference is simply the added choice between a half flush and full flush.

Dual Flush Gravity

Why choose a Dual Flush gravity-fed toilet?
  • Primary benefit is its water-saving capacity
  • All KOHLER® Dual Flush toilets are WaterSenseSM labeled
  • Two-button actuator offers a half flush and a full flush
  • Skirted trapways simplify cleaning
Power Lite Toilet
How does it work?

Power Lite technology uses an electric pump to deliver water from the tank through the bowl and trapway. To operate, it requires an electrical outlet near the toilet.

Power Lite®

Why choose a Power Lite toilet?
  • Features extraordinarily powerful flushing
  • Water-saving options
  • Strong, reliable performance
  • Compact flushing unit allows designers to explore truly unique designs such as the Purist Hatbox® toilet
Pressure Lite Toilet
How does it work?

Pressure Lite technology uses waterline pressure to pressurize a specialized vessel in the tank. The tank then directs water through the toilet to provide a strong, reliable flush with less water.

Pressure Lite®

Why choose a Pressure Lite toilet?
  • Provides commercial-grade performance
  • Quiet flush when compared with older pressure-assist models
  • Incredibly powerful flushing and cleaning capabilities
  • Reduces water use with either 1.0 or 1.4 gpf models

Bold. Performance.

Innovative design & technology.

Bold. Conservation.

Saving shouldn't mean sacrificing.
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